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Five Top Tips for a Happy Home

Interior design duo Laurie Davidson and Maxine Brady, AKA Secret Styling Club, share their top five tips for a happy home...

1. Ask yourself how you want your home to make you feel – maybe you want it to feel relaxing or energising, or spark creativity? Then look at the colours you're drawn to and see whether they make you feel the same way.

2. Create a vision board for how you’d like your home to be – not only in terms of decor, but also how you live. Focusing on what you want to achieve will help you pinpoint what to aim for.

3. It's easy to get sucked in to emulating interiors we see on Instagram or Pinterest, but to create a truly individual home, take inspiration from everywhere – whether it’s hotels and restaurants to the colours of nature.

4. Clutter can make us feel anxious and stressed, so for a happy home it's vital to put some good storage solutions into play to achieve a calmer home and mind.

5. Sleep plays a huge part in our wellbeing, so adjust your bedroom to make it work as hard as possible and give you the best night's sleep. From investing in a quality mattress to clearing the clutter and creating a wind-down routine, create an environment that helps you catch those all-important Z's.

“As happy home experts we believe in creating healthy environments that work for you and the way you want to live.” Maxine Brady and Laurie Davidson,

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