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10 Reasons to Choose Sustainable Bedlinen from Undercover Living

1. Undercover bedlinen sets are breathable and temperature regulating. Cooling in the summer and warming in the winter, perfect all year round!

2. The bedlinen sets are reversible, which allows for versatile mix-and-matching across the range.

3. The luxurious blend of Tencel and cotton makes for an exquisite and beautifully soft fabric. Tencel is made from tree fibres such as eucalyptus.

4. Tencel is known to be one of the world’s most eco-friendly materials, requiring less water, energy and pesticides to grow than cotton. The fibre even won the European Prize for the Environment because of its closed-loop production.

5. The designs in the collection are modern, chic and sophisticated, perfectly mixing pared-back style with an eye catching statement.

6. Besides being an eco-friendly textile of choice, Tencel provides long- lasting comfort even for sensitive skin and is also anti-bacterial.

7. The cotton used in Undercover’s weave comes from the finest, long- staple yarns. These are more resistant to pilling and wear.

8. Undercover is designed in London and produced by a family-owned factory in Portugal that’s been crafting high quality bed linen for 70 years.

9. All items across the range are machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

10. Undercover’s packaging is completely plastic free, only using recycled or recyclable materials.

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